A complete follow-up

From a simple idea 💡 to putting your new baby online, and more ...

It all starts with a call...

By going to this page you will be able to choose the slot you want.

Once the slot is reserved, you will receive an email containing all the indications to join the call.

During the call we're going to have a loot to several things:

First of all, you'll tell us about your expectations because that's what matters most.

We are aware that every project is different. We propose precise offers but remain very flexible on the realization.

It is therefore essential to be listening to you from the beginning to the end.

Once we've taken stock of your expectations, we'll ask you a few questions. The goal is to understand your needs as well as possible before proposing anything.

As soon as everything is clear, we'll talk about a solution.

We will present you with the offer that suits you best or we will set up a fully customized offer if your needs are very specific.

Ask any questions you have, we're here to answer them.

We structure your website together

During this call or during a second one... we'll move on to the structure of your web site.

We will choose a base to work on and then we will arrange the pages and the sections.

You're in control! We're just here to give you some advice.

All your remarks will be taken into account.

We will work using visio conference. This will allow us to show our screen and make choices together.

This step is fundamental, it will allow you to directly imagine your final website...

... As if you are buying an empty property, we are the interior designer with whom you imagine how to furnish your property !

Everything is possible 🚀

We recover your resources

Your website is structured, all technical and design choices have been made.

All we need now is your resources.

We talk about your logo, graphic chart, images and contents.

If you have chosen the Branding packwe will take care of some of the resources such as the logo making and the graphic chart.

With our editorial and image editing experience, we will support you if necessary.

The most important thing for us is to retrieve the essential elements that we will not be able to create because they are specific to your activity and the message you want to communicate.

We'll take care of the rest. !

We create your platform in less than 2 days

We are aware that time is a valuable resource.

As soon as we have all the resources gathered to start creating your website, the light turns green !

We put all our attention on your project to have it ready in less than 48 hours !

But how is it possible to produce such a result in such a short time?

Actually, it's quite possible but it requires a lot of experience.

The person who will work on your website must have at least 3 years of experience in this job.

In addition to that, the person has been formed to all of our processes and has a constant support during the realization.

This does not affect the final rendering at all, on the contrary.

It is by being convinced of the quality of the work provided by THE DEPLOYER teams that your website is guaranteed Satisfied or fully Refunded otherwise.

Let us know your feedback, we adapt!

We do our best to make our solution fit exactly to your expectations, but we know that there are always some touch-ups to be done.

We will provide you with a version of your website that you will be able to view directly from your computer.

Take all the time you need to write down all the changes you want to apply.

Images, texts, colors, positions, margins, backgrounds,

EVERYTHING is editable !

As soon as we receive your feedback, we will adapt the site accordingly..

Then we update the version of the website to which you have access so that you can view directly the changes applied.

We set up additional services

This step is optional, you can choose.

It has effect only if you have chosen additional services like :

- Writing blog posts
- Purchase of a domain name and/or a hosting offer
- Setting up a Newsletter
- Creation of a Google my Business
- Tracking your users' activity via Google Analytics
- Creating business email addresses with mail signature
- Training HTML/CSS, Shopify or Wordpress
- Creation and writing of the legal pages
- Integration of a payment processor (valid on storefronts or Wordpress) in order to sell coaching or digital services.
- Creation and writing of your General terms and conditions of sale

These services are optional you can choose either to add them to your package depending on your needs and how useful they can be for your work.

This step will not begin until the adaptations you have requested have been validated by you.

Its objective is to complete all the service provided for a solution entirely adapted to your needs..

Let's check it out!

The rocket is (almost) ready to take off....

We'll just do one last point to make sure we haven't forgotten anything.

During this step we will visit the website together and test each of the features.

One last adaptation comes to your mind?

No problem at all,

We will apply the change live.

At the end of this stage we'll be ready...

We put your solution online and secure it

Until now, your site was on one of our domain names reserved for tests.

During this step we will transfer the site to you.

You will be able to access it directly as well as your users..

For our part, we will take a few steps to secure your site and protect it from malicious users.

We will also set up all the necessary tools for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your new platform.

Once you've completed this step, you'll be able to:

- To have a real presence on the web thanks to a design and optimized website
- Add your site to your social networks
- Bring some traffic to your site.
- Redirect all your leads to your platform so that it can communicate for you. - Allow your users to perform the action you have chosen (Contact form, newsletter, appointment booking, payment...).


What's next?

For the rest, we have set up 3 possible choices, whatever solution you may choose (Showcase, E-commerce, Blog) :

The first one is training.
We offer training on the 3 different types of platforms so that you can apply all the modifications you want by yourself.

The second is the subscription.
If you want to make changes on your platform regularly and you don't have time to make the changes yourself, we have set up a subscription system..
Our offer is 49€ per month and allows you to make as many changes as you wish.

The third one is custom.
We advise you in this case to wait a few months, collect as many modifications as possible and submit them to us.
At that time, we will provide you with a quote for the implementation of these modifications.

Here's what we propose. Obviously you don't have to choose one. Only if you plan to improve or modify your website in the future.

Your website is up ! Running smoothly and will continue to work. Our support team will always be there to answer your questions.